Thursday, 20 August 2015

Price Mistake

In maths our teacher gave us are task for maths. If you have are closer look the single price for one Capsicum is $1.98 and it says 2 for $5 dollars and if you add $1.98 such as $2.00 x 2 its actually $4.00 and theres another problem. As you can see it says Hass Avocado but its actually capsicums.


Friday, 31 July 2015

Reality Trip

There was 5 New Zealanders that went to the Philippians.To learn how coil for the hard drive some of them did't like the job that.They had to make little coli for the hard drive.they thought it was hard work. The girls did better then the boys.There boss said that they doing a bad job.The other people were working very hard.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Highlights from term 2

My highlights from this term was having fun learning ' my maths class' and playing soccer every Friday.

Next term' I want i improve my writing and reading.Before the end of the year I want to audition to dance in our school production. 
have a happy holiday   

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ideas for Glen innes

Which of the ideas for Christchurch do you think could help our families and community in Glen Innes? Glen Innes is a nice place lots of people like going there to buy things for their family to eat so that they can live longer and they can go to a bike shop to buy some bikes to go for a ride around the street or ride it to the park.Gi is a good place for people to go there to buy stuff.And go there to play at the park that is in Gi.There is a poilce stane in Gi for people who get lost around in the night time

Monday, 8 June 2015

Moses hard work

On inquiry on Friday we were planning to change the school. Mrs Moala split us into groups we had four people in our group. We planned and talk how we were going to change the school we can have our own rugby field and basketball court. We could also have a game shop.We were measuring the green room to see if the basketball hoop could fit or not. Then we can also think how are we going to put things and needing tools and wood to make it.

I really enjoyed measuring the green room with my friends and I had lots of fun doing it. We had to plan before we started to measure the green room. We had to draw it and think about what we were going to do. Byron and Damien was in my group we worked hard.

When we finished Miss Moala let us in the class to watch a movie about technology.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

doing my maths whizz at home all the time

Sometimes I go on my maths whizz to do my maths I have lots of  credits because I keep doing my maths when I bring my netbook from school.Maths whizz is cool cause some I get easy work then I get harder ones to I get struck on my hard work I get help from school and home.Maths whizz is good for your brain lots of people at school do maths whizz in our maths class sometime we do writing to or reading with our maths teacher we go on the computer to finish some work that we never did on the computer we do world war 1 stack after lunch same has maths whizz writing and reading.Maths is the best because it helps your brain to learn all about maths whizz the endImage result for maths whizz

Monday, 18 May 2015

First world war 1

The world war 1 is no place for pets or is it.There are dogs cats monkeys donkeys and there was also rats but cats ate them.Dogs were tain to find wounded soldiers who have broken bone and leg some of the soldiers were dead some were alive  they were live in old house and camps some had no food to eat and no bed to sleep in the soldiers were cold they didn’t have clothes to wash or anything to do in world war 1.There was a dog cellad pelorus jack but he died in an accident then they got another dog was named pelorus jack he survived.The other dog he fell of the funnel.Rona was waiting at the train station on the platform the owner gave her to the soldiers the soldiers like her rona like the soldiers so they took her rona was happy she make friends with the soldiers.Back in 1916 the for that they were going overseas then they were in war.In decemer 1915 a group of soldiers marched over the Rimutaka hill to make it to the ship.They had donkeys but they won’t allowed to take the donkey so they hid it in there clothing so they payed the man so that they could take the donkey on the ship.When they got to war the donkeys had to be used by taking water on cavalry so they used guns and wagons.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

ANZAC Soldiers

We are learning about Anzac.The soldiers who died and some were alive with broken bone and leg.they were injured because they got shot by some other man Anzac is cool cause we get to draw some and paint  for the Anzac.The soldiers go to training every time they wake up the soldiers wear mask so that they won’t died when black smoke came close to them.Poppies are part of  the Anzac to you can make them by cutting the part out and glueing them to each part and leaving them to dry then put it on the wall

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Marist game

Today my team marist play against pakuranga lloyd elsmore park on field 5 it was hard to find field number 5 so we look around for the field then we found it my boots and socks really for the game to play.I wore my headgear and mouthguard really to play pakuranga kicked the ball to us then ran with the ball they had to passed the ball the players that was playing after that I went on to play I had the then I ran with the ball I got tackle by the player then they passed the ball to the player pakuranga kicked the ball out for halftime

we drink water and clean our mouthguard with the water then I was tried then I just went back play rugby with my friends they kicked the ball to pakuranga they catch the ball. After that the game was finished we had to slap there and say good game the end

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Anzac button

A long time ago the button was very in important all of the soldiers went to world war 1
the soldiers had to do what they had to do.The soldiers were holding guns.They were wearing khaki jacket and deep shoulders with some coats and shirts.One April morning each year the soldiers will take there jacket out wear it and brush the button.The years passed slowly the world was changing Ella found a old jacket out from the wardrobe.He didn't come because he died in the world war 1.Ella mum saw the all the holds on the jacket and they saw no button on the old jacket.Then Ella mum came and did the holds
that was left on the old jacket so she did it then there wasn't any more holds on the

jacket.Then they clean the dust out of the jacket and they put the button back on.

Moses ANZAG Memorial

At Pt England school we have a new garden to remember the soldiers who died in World War 1 and it has soil and lots of crosses on the grass.On wednesday  we watched a movie in Mrs Telea's,room it showed a man talking about the ANZAC soldiers who died in the war.Some soldiers  got shot and died in fights and some survived their injuries.Of broken bone and leg.Image result for anzac soldiers

Friday, 24 April 2015


today at school we make some cookies for the the soldiers then bark them and put them in two 8 cookies and a other 8 cookies.We were in groups of 3 and 4 it was a pit hard to mix the butter and a cup of flower and one cup of a other flower.Then we put it in the oven and wait for it to cook for long then it cooked.Later it was hot and hot then it when cold then we ate it and we had to share it with the teacher then it was finish the end  Image result for ANZAC cookies

Friday, 20 March 2015


Yesterday we went on the bus to polyfest there was lots of of school at polyfest
polyfest was my favorite thing I did. We did games and saw some other school looking
around and buying stuff for them to eat and drink we got some gavis from the people that work for polyfest and ASB they are the one that gave us the gavis to take home.I saw some perform on the stage we came and start to watch the people perform on the
stage.Then the next group came on the stage and they start to dance.After that
we walk around to see if there was more people dance on the stage we saw the
maori people perform on the stage.After watching the maori people dance we
went to wait for our bus to take us back to school with our gavis when we got
back to school it was home time for I start to walk home.When I got home I was

tried then fall asleep polyfest was my favorite thing I went to in my life.Image result for polyfest tonga stage

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


On Thursday we are going to polyfest to see some other cultures like samoan and fiji
Tongan maori and all kind of cultures tomorrow this will be my first time going to polyfest
to see people wear different clothes like samoan and lots of different clothes.When we get to polyfest we will see lots of people getting really to perform on the stage I will see lots lots and lots of people at polyfest.It might be pack with lots of people at polyfest.I can’t wait to go to polyfest tomorrow to see all the diffenent cultures perform on the 1 2 3 4 5 is going on the bus tomorrow to polyfest we have to share bags
with our lunch so they won’t be too much bags so we have to share them.People will
talk in their language and we might understand their language.We have to take ours

hats to polyfest so we won’t get sunburn from the sun we can bring sun creamImage result for pt england school fiafia tongan boys.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

garden place

I like the garden because the flowers are red blue pink green.I like all the garden couise they are nice and tight has it is.The garden is cool because the people who make it is cool has the garden.I like the flowers because the colours are cool and they are good to smell
when people come to the garden place to smell all the flowers and put them up and take them to there house  so they can talk about the flowers that they put up.Garden are cool to grow because you can grow food and fruits tImage result for gardenso eat when people are hungy for are cool because you can oomell it and take it home and bring it back to the garden place after the people go back to there house to sleep then the next day they wake up and go back to the garden place to smell the flowers again and again then the people never stop smell the
flowers.Then they go back to there house to have tea and to have a rest.The people can take

can come back to the flowers place next time.Then the people when back to there house to have a rest.Like the flowers because the colours and when they grow the end.