Friday, 20 March 2015


Yesterday we went on the bus to polyfest there was lots of of school at polyfest
polyfest was my favorite thing I did. We did games and saw some other school looking
around and buying stuff for them to eat and drink we got some gavis from the people that work for polyfest and ASB they are the one that gave us the gavis to take home.I saw some perform on the stage we came and start to watch the people perform on the
stage.Then the next group came on the stage and they start to dance.After that
we walk around to see if there was more people dance on the stage we saw the
maori people perform on the stage.After watching the maori people dance we
went to wait for our bus to take us back to school with our gavis when we got
back to school it was home time for I start to walk home.When I got home I was

tried then fall asleep polyfest was my favorite thing I went to in my life.Image result for polyfest tonga stage

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