Friday, 20 March 2015


Yesterday we went on the bus to polyfest there was lots of of school at polyfest
polyfest was my favorite thing I did. We did games and saw some other school looking
around and buying stuff for them to eat and drink we got some gavis from the people that work for polyfest and ASB they are the one that gave us the gavis to take home.I saw some perform on the stage we came and start to watch the people perform on the
stage.Then the next group came on the stage and they start to dance.After that
we walk around to see if there was more people dance on the stage we saw the
maori people perform on the stage.After watching the maori people dance we
went to wait for our bus to take us back to school with our gavis when we got
back to school it was home time for I start to walk home.When I got home I was

tried then fall asleep polyfest was my favorite thing I went to in my life.Image result for polyfest tonga stage

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


On Thursday we are going to polyfest to see some other cultures like samoan and fiji
Tongan maori and all kind of cultures tomorrow this will be my first time going to polyfest
to see people wear different clothes like samoan and lots of different clothes.When we get to polyfest we will see lots of people getting really to perform on the stage I will see lots lots and lots of people at polyfest.It might be pack with lots of people at polyfest.I can’t wait to go to polyfest tomorrow to see all the diffenent cultures perform on the 1 2 3 4 5 is going on the bus tomorrow to polyfest we have to share bags
with our lunch so they won’t be too much bags so we have to share them.People will
talk in their language and we might understand their language.We have to take ours

hats to polyfest so we won’t get sunburn from the sun we can bring sun creamImage result for pt england school fiafia tongan boys.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

garden place

I like the garden because the flowers are red blue pink green.I like all the garden couise they are nice and tight has it is.The garden is cool because the people who make it is cool has the garden.I like the flowers because the colours are cool and they are good to smell
when people come to the garden place to smell all the flowers and put them up and take them to there house  so they can talk about the flowers that they put up.Garden are cool to grow because you can grow food and fruits tImage result for gardenso eat when people are hungy for are cool because you can oomell it and take it home and bring it back to the garden place after the people go back to there house to sleep then the next day they wake up and go back to the garden place to smell the flowers again and again then the people never stop smell the
flowers.Then they go back to there house to have tea and to have a rest.The people can take

can come back to the flowers place next time.Then the people when back to there house to have a rest.Like the flowers because the colours and when they grow the end.