Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ideas for Glen innes

Which of the ideas for Christchurch do you think could help our families and community in Glen Innes? Glen Innes is a nice place lots of people like going there to buy things for their family to eat so that they can live longer and they can go to a bike shop to buy some bikes to go for a ride around the street or ride it to the park.Gi is a good place for people to go there to buy stuff.And go there to play at the park that is in Gi.There is a poilce stane in Gi for people who get lost around in the night time

Monday, 8 June 2015

Moses hard work

On inquiry on Friday we were planning to change the school. Mrs Moala split us into groups we had four people in our group. We planned and talk how we were going to change the school we can have our own rugby field and basketball court. We could also have a game shop.We were measuring the green room to see if the basketball hoop could fit or not. Then we can also think how are we going to put things and needing tools and wood to make it.

I really enjoyed measuring the green room with my friends and I had lots of fun doing it. We had to plan before we started to measure the green room. We had to draw it and think about what we were going to do. Byron and Damien was in my group we worked hard.

When we finished Miss Moala let us in the class to watch a movie about technology.