Monday, 18 May 2015

First world war 1

The world war 1 is no place for pets or is it.There are dogs cats monkeys donkeys and there was also rats but cats ate them.Dogs were tain to find wounded soldiers who have broken bone and leg some of the soldiers were dead some were alive  they were live in old house and camps some had no food to eat and no bed to sleep in the soldiers were cold they didn’t have clothes to wash or anything to do in world war 1.There was a dog cellad pelorus jack but he died in an accident then they got another dog was named pelorus jack he survived.The other dog he fell of the funnel.Rona was waiting at the train station on the platform the owner gave her to the soldiers the soldiers like her rona like the soldiers so they took her rona was happy she make friends with the soldiers.Back in 1916 the for that they were going overseas then they were in war.In decemer 1915 a group of soldiers marched over the Rimutaka hill to make it to the ship.They had donkeys but they won’t allowed to take the donkey so they hid it in there clothing so they payed the man so that they could take the donkey on the ship.When they got to war the donkeys had to be used by taking water on cavalry so they used guns and wagons.

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