Saturday, 9 May 2015

Marist game

Today my team marist play against pakuranga lloyd elsmore park on field 5 it was hard to find field number 5 so we look around for the field then we found it my boots and socks really for the game to play.I wore my headgear and mouthguard really to play pakuranga kicked the ball to us then ran with the ball they had to passed the ball the players that was playing after that I went on to play I had the then I ran with the ball I got tackle by the player then they passed the ball to the player pakuranga kicked the ball out for halftime

we drink water and clean our mouthguard with the water then I was tried then I just went back play rugby with my friends they kicked the ball to pakuranga they catch the ball. After that the game was finished we had to slap there and say good game the end

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Angela Moala said...

Moses! How wonderful that you submitted a blog post over the weekend! I am so proud of you! However, I really want to know who won and what the score was! Can you please reply and tell me?

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