Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Bio Poem

Child of Mary
Who loves to go for a swim
Who hates fizzy lollies pie
Who wants to go to the movies
Who wishes he could’ve met grandpa
Who is scared of dogs
Who dreams of cars
Who is determined to be an All Black
Who values meeting all my friends
Who is proud of my hard work


Briley Lovett said...

Hi Moses! I am from the United States and have to write blog post just like you. I really enjoyed reading this poem about you. We are a lot alike. I am also scared of dogs. I always have been. I also love to be in all black. Black is my favorite color. Great poem. Have a great day!

Liku said...

Hi Moses I am really proud of you'er hard job in school. I really enjoyed reading you'er bio poem. KEEP IT UP;).

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