Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The little mouse

The mouse stirred in his hole.Was it time to wake up from his long winter sleep yet? He poked his nose out of the hole. He went outside to eat some cheese and he ran to get some more food. It was too cold so he went home for a another sleep. It wasn’t long until the mouse wanted more food.


Alison Stacey said...

Hi Moses! My name is Alison. I live in the United States and am currently going to school at the University of South Alabama, so I can become an elementary teacher. I think I am a lot like the little mouse in this story, because I seem to want food often too! My dad is always asking me how I stay so skinny, because all I do is eat. I always say that I cannot help it that food is so good! What kind of foods do you like? I also think I am like the mouse, because I like to sleep when it is cold. I snuggle up in all my blankets, and in just a few seconds I am sound asleep. Do you like to sleep? When I was younger, I was always so active that I would never want to slow down enough to take a nap. Now, I wish I could take naps, because work and school can really wear a person out. Thanks for sharing the story!

Mohammed said...

Hi Moses I really like your picture it is cool.

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